As for Mallory

Mallory will be eleven (eleven!!) in eleven days.

She is five-foot-two-and-a-half inches tall -- just an inch and a half shorter than me.

She got glasses!

She doesn't like it when I say this, but I think she's very pretty.

She likes to experiment with makeup:

She loves babies. She's taking a Red Cross Babysitting class after her birthday and is beside herself with excitement about the prospect of getting babysitting jobs.

She loves puppies, and hates wearing pants:

In many ways she's still the same little girl she's always been:

But she won't be little for much longer. Where did my baby go?

Fortunately, I never have to look to hard to find her.


Karen said...

It has been a fast 11 years!

aimee said...

She is such a sweet girl and I love that she will stand up for her loved ones (don't mess with my people)!

Mallory Kemple said...

I can not wait til I am a teenager! I just have to wait 2 more years!