Sneak Peek, Ctd

Here are some other items I have for the craft show tomorrow:

So, yeah, basically, I have five of the same thing, only in different colors. (The head is creepy, isn't it? I found it in Chris's studio.)

I meant to make some appliques for the headbands -- flowers and owls and whatnot. Ran out of time. I meant to make some more hats, maybe a scarf or two. Ran out of time. Oh, I had big plans,all right. Ran out of time. I guess that's what happens when a) the craft show is only announced 6 weeks in advance b) you have a full-time job c) you keep finding cool projects and then abandoning them halfway through when they don't turn out exactly the way you want (see: nativity scene).

So, my pile of wares is going to be quite small. (I do have some other things, not pictured, but...not really that many.) Oh well, it's all for a good cause. If I make enough money to go out to dinner once it's all over, I'll be happy enough.


Karen said...

Yes, the head is very creepy! I really like the scarf in the first picture. The head bands are neat too, but I don't wear head bands!