Sneak Peek

Rather at the last minute, considering that the event is next Friday, I decided to crochet a Nativity Scene for the kids' craft show.

I finished Mary Saturday night and, no disrespect to the Blessed Mother intended, she was such a pain in the neck to do that I'm not sure I'm going to even attempt the rest of her entourage. Joseph and the baby, maybe. Three wise men, forget it. Lambs and donkeys, don't make me laugh.

So many fiddly bits! Hands and arms and sleeves and hair and head-dresses...I just have no patience. And I am no good at lining things up -- you see that her headcovering is slightly off-center and her arms aren't exactly at the same level. Plus her bangs are askew.

Chris told me I'm too hard on myself and perhaps he's right, but I hate it when things don't turn out exactly the way I envision them.

Then there's this:

I donated it to the craft sale raffle. I am happy with the way it turned out; on the other hand, I tried to make a puppy and a frog from the same basic pattern and both of them flopped.

It's hard, having a hobby.

More items coming soon! (Although not nearly as many as I'd like.)


Karen said...

I think that Mary is very cute. I'm sure that the real Mary wasn't perfect either! (No disrespect intended!)

The little hat is cute, too. Wonder why the other two didn't work as well!

aimee said...

Soooo cute!!!

Mallory Kemple said...

If you don't make all of the people in the Nativity Set, no one would know what it is.( no afense but Catholics know there religion). ps. You are hard on yourself. Really.