So much for that

It is the trend on facebook in November to do a daily post on what one is thankful for.

With the obligatory caveat that of course I am grateful for my family, friends, good health, roof over my head, results of the election, and so forth, I have to say that I'm not feeling terrifically thankful right now. In fact I'm feeling downright whiny.

My life is in disarray. Chris and my -- Chris's and my? Mine and Chris's? how do I say what I'm trying to say -- both cars which Chris and I used to own and drive are kaput. (Mine was sold for scrap last weekend. The girls and I were coming home from the store when we passed the tow truck hauling it away. "Say good-bye to our car!" I said. Phoebe burst into tears and Mallory said, "I didn't agree to that!") We are borrowing cars from his parents, who fortunately for us have a lot of cars. But the car Chris was using broke down last week, so we've had to carpool to work for the past week and a half. (The place where he works is in the opposite direction from where I work; his hours are 7:45 - 3; mine are 8:15 to 4:30; you can see this is not a great situation for either of us. In most circumstances I am a supporter of carpooling!) The girls have been sleeping over at  his parents' every night, so they don't have to wake up an hour earlier than usual. (I would like to send his parents on a cruise or something to thank them for helping us out so much. They will have to settle, for now, on a gift card to the movies.) It has been days of packing bags, forgetting socks, doing homework projects at the last minute (thanks to Auntie Mimi too!), losing lunch boxes, and a host of other inconveniences.

Also, my laptop died, I seem to have misplaced all my long-sleeved shirts, and Phoebe has no winter school uniform pieces (the uniform store is inconveniently located and has bizarre hours, so I'm not sure what we're going to do about that one). And, the kids' school principal resigned abruptly and communication from the school has been a mess. A PTO meeting scheduled for Wednesday night was rescheduled at the last minute -- no one told me, I showed up to find an empty room. ("Oh sorry, we forgot to send an email about that," said the person I called to ask what was up.) Last night at 7:30 we got an email that today was the last day kids could bring in donations for a Thanksgiving food drive -- this was the first notice that such a drive was taking place. Phoebe's class was supposed to bring in gravy; Mallory's class, cranberries -- do you think I had either of those items in my pantry? (Answer: no.)

Look, obviously I know things could be worse. We could be in New Jersey, shivering and showerless after 11 days without electricity. Millions of people around the world would kill to be in my shoes, carless and long-sleeve-shirtless as I am.

But man, life is really wearing me down. I look ahead at the holidays coming up and just want to run away and hide.


Karen said...

Hope that things start looking up soon!

aimee said...

I'm sorry. I hate when everything piles up at once. I hope you find your shirts (it is always in the last place you look? hee hee?) and know I'm giving you a big hug from far away

mimi said...

I have some long sleeve shirts you can borrow until you find yours! I know it is crummy. Let me know what I can do to help besides craft a clown turkey! :-)

mimi said...

I have some long sleeve shirts you can borrow until you find yours! I know it is crummy. Let me know what I can do to help besides craft a clown turkey! :-)