Yes, it's me again

Really, the last line of my last post would've been a good line with which to shut down the old blog...but I've had a request from my daughter to keep it up, so I'll see what I can do. Most important news: School's out!

Phoebe and Mallory both won "Super Reader" awards; I only got a picture of one of them (sorry, Mallory):

Best thing about summer -- zany fun with friends:

This week we're being totally lazy; lots of video game playing, no cooking of dinners or reading of books or cleaning of rooms, showers only in deference to an upcoming piano recital. Next week I'm going to implement a series of Daily Duties which I'm sure my children will enjoy. (Ha) We're going to the beach in a few weeks; Mallory is attempting to launch a cake-baking business; Phoebe has been invited to two pool parties and is planning her own birthday with great anticipation. I only have about 24 more squares to crochet for my afghan (but then must stitch the whole thing together, yikes). I've also tried some simpler projects, such as the fancying up of footwear:

I'm thinking about making the flip-flops as favors for Phoebe's party; but her pair has already started to unravel, so I obviously need to refine my technique.
Happy summer!