The thing is

The thing is, without my blog, how will I remember that the other day, Phoebe said something about a desperate housewife, and Mallory said she bet that Phoebe didn't even know what a housewife was, and Phoebe said, "You're right...but I think it's someone who's always grumpy."

And I don't want to forget, either, that recently Phoebe has started to say, "I love you as much as a pickle!" And then a few days ago she raced to the bathroom shouting, "I need to pee as much as a pickle!" and slammed the door. A few seconds later the door opened and she poked her head out and said, "There I go again with the pickles!"

And -- Mallory has to do a report on a famous North Carolinian, but her first choice -- Virginia Dare -- was taken by another kid in her class. She was working on some other homework and asked me to look up some other possibilities for her. I googled and discovered that Betsy Byars was born in Charlotte. "You can be Betsy Byars!" I said. "Who is that?" she asked. "She's an author...she wrote The Summer of the Swans, which was one of my favorite books. And Grandmom met her once and got her autograph. And," I continued, scrolling down the Wikipedia page, "she and her husband are pilots! She flies her own plane!" Mallory said, "So she writes books and likes to fly. Could you have picked a worse person for me?"

And -- I started the afghan and it's a lot of fun, actually, and I've finished quite a few squares. Maybe close to 30 percent. But...I've never been crazy about the yarn I was using...it's not very soft, and a bit too fuzzy for my liking. So I'm thinking about switching to a different brand of yarn. I know, I know, it's insane to scrap everything I've done and start all over. But I keep hearing my grandma's voice in my head, telling me that I'll never be happy with it unless I do it just right. And I think the other yarn is better. So let's move the completion date back to 2014. If I'm still blogging then I'll post a pic. br />
And p.s., I still have lots of Girl Scout cookies in my dining room.


Is this thing on?

It's an odd thing, not wanting to give up one's blog but also never really feeling like updating it. Anyway, I'll take the easy way out and highlight the past few weeks of our lives in pictures:

Phoebe. Is there anything funnier than a Phoebe? Above she is dressed up for her half-birthday at school (since she's a summer baby). (She did, in the end, decide not to wear the hat.) Every outfit, every clothing changed is thought out with precision detail. Where she gets her fashionista tendencies I do not know.

A few weekends ago she suddenly announced that if I did not get her a pair of jean shorts she would just die. This was alarming, but since we had to go shopping anyway, I said I'd see what we could find. Luckily we found some on sale. She has taken them off only to go to school --she wears them to bed! -- and she thinks they look best when she wears them with a skirt-shirt, as shown:

...and is frustrated by the fact that she mostly has skorts, which cannot be pulled up to her armpits, instead of real skirts.

This is how happy she is about her shorts:

In other news, I turned forty, which...what is there to say about turning forty? Here I am on my birthday with my girls:

I did decide to make the afghan, and have completed 16 of the 212 pieces. I'm guessing it will be 2015 before I get it done. I made this panda for Mallory:

...which coordinates nicely with her freshly-painted bedroom, of which more later.

I also made a chihuahua for Phoebe, who is on a Skippy Jon Jones kick:

He's supposed to stand up by himself, but, well, he doesn't.

What's up with you? Oh, and would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?