Again with the juice

Last night Mallory poured herself a glass of grape juice. Before taking a drink, she asked, "Mommy, does juice have cabizees in it?"

"Cavities?" I said.


"No...it has sugar which can cause cavities, though."

"Oh." She thought. "No, I mean, you know, cabizees."

"Um...do you mean calories?"


"Yes, it does have calories."

"So, if I drink this I won't be able to go to sleep tonight?"

"Wait, do you mean caffeine?"

"Is caffeine what makes you not able to sleep?"


"Okay, that's what I mean."

"Well, juice does not have caffeine."

"That's a relief."

It certainly is.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I don't know too many five year olds who worry about not sleeping.


J&H Noble said...

How funny! And you crack me up with the word-guessing game!

aimee said...

Glad you two got that one worked out!!! :)