Merry Christmas to Joey, too!

Scene: After the Christmas pageant.

Me: You did great, Mallory, we're proud of you!

Mallory: What was your favorite part?

Me: Hmm. I liked the "Whatcha Gonna Call That Baby?" song.

Chris: I liked that one too.

Me: But I also liked "Joy to the World."

Mallory: Joey in the world? What's that?

Me: No, joy to the world, the song you just sang.

Mallory: Oh yeah.

Me: That's one of my favorite songs.

Phoebe: A favorite song is a song that's your favorite and you like it and you sing.


Phoebe: And you dance.

Mallory, before the show, in front of our haphazardly decorated Christmas tree. Phoebe declined to be photographed.

All I was able to photograph of the event itself:

Phoebe, objecting to the camera's flash:

Now she closes her eyes before I snap every picture. Sigh.

But she's cute anyway! And so is Mallory! And their dresses match!

We're thinking Arby's:

Okay, that's it!

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Anonymous said...

The trilogy is on my list also, but I'm going to have to wait until after Christmas. Usually when someone objects to a piece of writing for whatever reason, it makes me want to read it even more.
Cute dresses on cute girls!


aimee said...

I am not gonna read it. For all the reasons that it is being objected to. I tend to follow the masses. :)

Very cute girls. Love that Phoebe is flash phobic. Love that Mallory was totally confused about Joey in the World.

See you in a few!!!!