And more truth on top of that, too

To be completely honest, it drives me just a little bit nuts, having Mallory read aloud to me. She's a good reader, for a 7-year-old, but she has some frustrating traits. For example, she will read words like "discouraged" and "misunderstood" without hesitation, but then she'll stop and need help with words like "what" and "don't." Worse than that, though, is that her comprehension isn't quite up to par, and she'll often stop in the middle of a sentence and ask what's going on, a question that would be easily answered if she would only read the rest of the sentence. "'The polar bear was frightened because' -- why was the polar bear frightened?" she'll ask. And I'll say, "Finish the sentence!" and she'll say, "Mommy, would you just tell me about the polar bear!" and then I'll say something I regret.

When I was a child, I did my daily assigned reading to my young brother and sister, who were apparently delighted to sit and listen. Phoebe, however, and why am I not surprised, is not so accommodating.


aimee said...

Yeah, that is what I love--Noah loves being read to by Rhett.

That cracks me up about Mallory stopping in the middle of a sentence to ask what is going on. Just like Rhett (and used to be me) during a movie.