On our way to the town park on the Fourth of July, we saw this funny fellow:

At the park, Mallory and Phoebe "painted the town":

and decorated cupcakes:

and decorated visors (Phoebe's hands were sticky, thus the unhappy face):

The best part of birthdays? Cake batter:

Mallory woke us all up very early on Phoebe's birthday so Phoebe could open her presents. She got a Tinkerbell baby doll:

a book about herself:

a Rosetta fairy:

a card:

Here she is receiving birthday wishes:

This was her favorite present, a Rosetta fairy costume:

We went swimming, and then there were more presents, like this Build-a-Bear puppy (Build-a-Puppy?) from Mimi:

and some My Little Ponies:

Phoebe requested that we eat at Applebee's, where she was delighted to be presented with some balloons:

Daddy decorated her cake, as usual (have you gotten the idea that Phoebe likes fairies?):

Finally, the candles and the wish:

She had a good day. "I'm four!" she said before she went to bed, and then, with great excitement, "and I get to be four tomorrow too!"


aimee said...

What a great day for Phoebe!! Loved the 4th of July pictures too. Can't wait to see them!

Anonymous said...

...and four for a whole year! Cute pictures.


H Noble said...

That's a lot of celebrating! :)