A Clarification

Chris tried to get Phoebe to repeat her "I can't see, I'm bald!" line, with the following results:

Chris: Hey Phoebe, what do you call it when people can't see?

Phoebe: What?

Chris: What do you call people who can't see?

Phoebe: The Not See Guys.

Chris: Nazi guys? What do you know about Nazis?

Me: She means, Not.See.Guys. Not Nazis.

Chris: So if you can't see, you're a Not See Guy? But isn't there a word for that? What do you call that?

Phoebe, sighing: Daddy, I already told you.

Chris: But what is it?

Phoebe: NOT! SEE! GUY!

Chris: It's a word that starts with a b. You say, "I can't see, I'm b-b-b-..."

Phoebe: I can't see, I'm blond!


aimee said...

So funny! The not see guys. Ha!