Progress on other fronts

It's Girl Scout week -- the organization's 99th birthday is Saturday -- so I've been gathering up bits and pieces of Girl Scout history to share with my Brownies at our meeting tonight. I've come across great stuff like these old catalog and calendar images:

What did the poor Brownie do to make the girl in the background so angry?

Because Girl Scouts and lambs go hand in hand.

Do I even have to say that this one is from the 70s? Who is the guy in the background? And yet, I had that exact same felt beanie and goofy orange snap tie when I was a Brownie, and did I ever think I was hot stuff.

I also found this poem from the 1920s, summing up what a Girl Scout should learn and be:

Monday's Scout is at the tub,
Her Sunday clothes to rinse and rub.

Tuesday's Scout will roast and stew
And fry fresh pancakes just for you!

Wednesday's Scout is bent on thrift
To patch a hole and darn a rift.

Thursday is Scout Service Day
For helping your neighbor in many a way.

Friday's Scout is rosy and strong.
She camps and hikes the whole day long.

Saturday's Scout is happy and gay,
For this is Baby Caring Day.

While Sunday's Scout presents to you
Her uniformed back in the family pew!

Gag. I'm going to read this to the Brownies tonight and see what they think. I'm not even sure they will get what's so...awful about it. They're post-post-liberation, after all. They may not even realize how lucky they are.


aimee said...

Post-post liberation! Haha. That was cute. Actually this whole thing makes me laugh. And the man in the poster is creepy.

Karen said...

My Brownie uniform was like the one in the top picture. Can you imagine having to iron that uniform every week!! I also had the felt beanie and thought it was great.

Abbey said...

This made me laugh Krista! I had visions of you camping and hiking all day Friday with a group of post liberation young ones whining behind you. ;)