What now?

Not to sound like a commercial, but we switched to Vonage for our phone service. We considered dropping our land line completely but that just seemed too daring. Anyway, you can set up your voicemail to automatically forward transcripts of any messages to your email account. With hilarious results! For example, yesterday we got this message from the town council, which makes all kinds of robocalls to announce exciting town happenings:

This message is from the town of Xville and it's not an emergency. We are calling to let you know about our babies and microchip pet clinic on Saturday At Main Street, Park the park which is at 200 South Main Street.

A babies clinic! Ha! When it's really a rabies clinic!

So I'm getting entertained on top of saving on my phone bill. What a deal.

Speaking of money, I'm going to be (attempting to) sell my crocheted wares at a craft show this weekend. I have no idea what to charge for my products; I have even less of an idea if anyone will be interested in buying little owls and little owl cell phone cases at any price. (Also: I may have overdone the owl thing.) I will try to take a picture of everything before I offer them to the world. Wish me luck!


Karen said...

Good Luck! It is hard to know what is going to sell at something like that.

aimee said...

Remember to consider how much time you spent on it and charge so much per hour. Or something like that. Good luck. I will buy at least 2 more owls from you bc I want to decorate my room. :)

And babies clinic!! I love how it said that this was not an emergency. Very important. :)

mimi said...

I think in the right venue you would have sold everything! Everyone who came by stopped to admire your owl wares! And you know how I LOVE owls!
Look at it this way, you made more ney than I did! :-)