Somebody stop me

Because I have all the time in the world and unlimited patience, I want to make this:

The flowery one on top, not the stripy one on the bottom. Even though I've never crocheted anything larger than a scarf, and I only made the scarf this weekend, and before that I'd never crocheted anything larger than a cell phone case. Even though this afghan is made of two-hundred and twelve separate blocks that would have to be stitched together, and my least favorite thing about crocheting is stitching pieces together. Even though I don't need another blanket in my house, I have plenty. Even though I'm afraid I'm going to become a crazy crochet lady who keeps making things that nobody needs and foisting them on people. Here, have a scarf! Have an afghan! Have some booties! People will tire of me.

If I'm going to make an afghan, having never made one before, it would be smart to start with something easier:

or at least with something smaller:

But what if I hate the whole process and decide, having completed one of the above afghans, that I never want to make another one? Then I'll have an afghan, but it won't be the one I want:

I really love it.

I really have a million other things to do with myself.

Maybe instead I'll make another scarf:

Even though I don't really wear scarves. But isn't it pretty?

This is getting dangerous.


Karen said...

I say, go for it! It really is a very lovely afghan.

aimee said...

I say do it too. You will love the end result and then you don't ever have to do it again if you don't want to.

mimi said...

you can do it! and if you show me how to stitch it together, I will do that part for you. Is it like I did with the gloves mom made? I sewed all those...

Anonymous said...

Make the afgan! And another scarf. I wear scarves (hint!) Haha.