The thing is

The thing is, without my blog, how will I remember that the other day, Phoebe said something about a desperate housewife, and Mallory said she bet that Phoebe didn't even know what a housewife was, and Phoebe said, "You're right...but I think it's someone who's always grumpy."

And I don't want to forget, either, that recently Phoebe has started to say, "I love you as much as a pickle!" And then a few days ago she raced to the bathroom shouting, "I need to pee as much as a pickle!" and slammed the door. A few seconds later the door opened and she poked her head out and said, "There I go again with the pickles!"

And -- Mallory has to do a report on a famous North Carolinian, but her first choice -- Virginia Dare -- was taken by another kid in her class. She was working on some other homework and asked me to look up some other possibilities for her. I googled and discovered that Betsy Byars was born in Charlotte. "You can be Betsy Byars!" I said. "Who is that?" she asked. "She's an author...she wrote The Summer of the Swans, which was one of my favorite books. And Grandmom met her once and got her autograph. And," I continued, scrolling down the Wikipedia page, "she and her husband are pilots! She flies her own plane!" Mallory said, "So she writes books and likes to fly. Could you have picked a worse person for me?"

And -- I started the afghan and it's a lot of fun, actually, and I've finished quite a few squares. Maybe close to 30 percent. But...I've never been crazy about the yarn I was using...it's not very soft, and a bit too fuzzy for my liking. So I'm thinking about switching to a different brand of yarn. I know, I know, it's insane to scrap everything I've done and start all over. But I keep hearing my grandma's voice in my head, telling me that I'll never be happy with it unless I do it just right. And I think the other yarn is better. So let's move the completion date back to 2014. If I'm still blogging then I'll post a pic. br />
And p.s., I still have lots of Girl Scout cookies in my dining room.


Karen said...

Consider the already completed blocks practice blocks! She's right, you know. If you put that much work into it, you need to have yarn that you really love.

aimee said...

You could always make that afgan for someone else--after you finish the one you really like. I would definitely go with a yarn you love.

And I really am glad you are still blogging. I love hearing about your girls.

And I love Betsy Byars! I still have that autographed copy of her book that mom gave me.

Anonymous said...

I have cookies in my living room. Only peanut butter ones. Why didn't they sell this year!

Change the yarn. :) Make the practice blocks (as mom calls them) into something else... Not sure what.