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Shoulda Seen This One Coming

A few weeks ago I wrote about Phoebe's adorable "Yeah." Nowadays, she's expanded her affirmation repertoire to include "Ess" and "Ummm" accompanied by an emphatic nod of her head, but we still get a cute little "yeah!" a few times a day.

What I should have remembered is that when there is a yeah, "no" cannot be far behind.

Phoebe says "No" very nicely, and quite often, and sometimes when it's obvious she means the opposite, and sometimes when it doesn't even make sense. "Phoebe, should we change your diaper?" "NO!" "Phoebe, do you want juice?" "No!" she says, while gesturing frantically at the orange juice carton. "Phoebe, do you want to read this book?" "No!" she says, while thrusting the book into my hands and trying to climb up into my lap. "Phoebe, what are you doing in there?" I asked in the direction of the dining room this morning, when it had gotten a little too quiet. "No!" she replied.

We had a rough night a few nights ago -- she kept coughing, then her diaper leaked all over the sheets, then she just kept thrashing and flailing and moaning, and finally I -- whose font of patience is mere millimeters deep at 4:30 am anyway -- said, "Phoebe, you are driving me insane. Will you just go to sleep?"


I'm not sure why I bothered to ask!

Happy Birthday to my mom today (see Aimee's post for a tribute) and to my mother-in-law tomorrow!


aimee said…
You have no idea how much I needed a dose of Phoebe tonight! Thanks!

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