Ad Nauseam

My children are incapable of saying anything just one time, and I am in the process of losing my mind. Phoebe repeats everything she says at least three times: "It's too early for a nap, Mommy, it's too early, it's too early for a nap." Mallory repeats all of her demands over and over again even AFTER I've told her yes, or no; "Can you help me find my shoes?" "Yes, just a minute please." "Help me find me shoes, Mommy, can you help me NOW please find my shoes, where are my shoes?" The other day both of them were asking something of me "Want a drink, Mommy, a drink, a drink Mommy, want a drink" at the same time "Mommy can I watch Nickelodeon now? Can I? Can I watch Nickelodeon Mommy? Mommy can I?" without even giving me a chance to answer, much less find a sippy cup or the remote, and I just lost it and yelled at both of them: "STOP ASKING ME THINGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN! I HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME! SIT DOWN AND BE QUIET BOTH OF YOU!"

Which had no effect, of course. At a calmer moment I told them that they needed to work on being patient, and polite, and to remember that Mommy can't do everything they want her to do the very second they ask, but her hearing works quite well nonetheless, so stop with the repeating of things, please. Which has had little effect as well.

So when, on Saturday night, I sat down for a few moment's peace in front of the TV, I felt perfectly justified to ignore Phoebe's repeated requests to "Come see, Mommy, come see, Mommy, look, Mommy, look!"

And then, I remembered that she didn't have a diaper on.

Last night, I started to tell my in-laws about what Phoebe, Diaperless, Did To the Chair. Phoebe, who was sitting on my lap, immediately said, "Don't talk, Mommy! Don't talk about it!" and tried to cover my mouth. So at least she has the grace to be embarrassed about the whole sordid incident.


aimee said...

How funny that she knew to be embarrassed!!! :)

And yes, the repeating questions is annoying. And so is saying "Mom?" and waiting until I say "yes?" before they say anything else.

Can I have a drink?

2 seconds later...
Blah blah blah

2 more seconds later...
I love you.

J&H Noble said...

Did Phoebe have an accident or was she testing her boundaries, or just think something 'new' might be fun?? I think this is funny only b/c it wasn't my chair. Was it Scotch-guarded at least??? ;)


Krista said...

Holly, it was the very worst kind of accident a diaper-less child can have. But luckily it was a plastic kids' chair that was easily rinsed off in the shower!