Am I Missing Something Here?

We are currently in the midst of an "exceptional" drought, which is the very worst kind of drought, apparently. It has been raining off and on for the past three days (yay!) but it's not going to be enough to pull us out of the crisis. Last week, the governor asked everyone -- businesses and homes -- to reduce water consumption by 50% by the end of the month.

There's an apartment complex right across the street from my office building. Right after the governor's annoucement, they posted a big sign, facing the street, which proclamed:


I can only guess that this sign is supposed to serve as some kind of justification for them to continue to water their flowerbeds and bushes and shrubs and things. (It's a very nicely landscaped apartment complex.) I guess they're saying, We're not using municipal water, so we're not obliged to follow the water restriction rules. (This is only a guess, but I can't imagine why else they'd post the sign.)

But the thing is -- even if you're using well water...well, it's still water, right? Water which is in very short supply 'round these parts lately -- unless they have some kind of magical well that refills every night regardless of whether or not it rains. I mean, it's great that they're not draining the municipal reservoirs to irrigate their flowers...but they're draining their own well to irrigate their flowers. Shouldn't they be conserving the water no matter what?

Or am I completely missing something here?


Anonymous said...

Only true city people would post a sign like that. Obviously they have no idea where their well water comes from! That's like saying food comes from the store.


aimee said...

Whoo, got Mom fired up Krista! :)
But I agree. Water is water. If you are in short supply, don't think you are special and still use as much as you want. Sheesh.

Wow, that is so weird. Here is Oklahoma we have had record setting rainfall this year. I wish we could have sent some your way.

How are you going to reduce your water consumption by 50%? That is alot.

J&H Noble said...

My other Carolina friend has complained of the same drought conditions- so sorry! We just recently had our water restrictions lifted, which we've had for over a year, even though we've had wonderful rainfall. I think our conditions last summer scared the authorities and they didn't want to risk it this year.
Hope the rain continues!

MomofK9s said...

People at the apartment complex = idiots!

I have a well and I am completely freaked out about my well running dry. I have seen several news stories where this has happened here and the people have no water because they can't afford to drill a new one. Scares me silly!

So, to reduce my own water consumption from my own well I have done several things. I am going to post them to my blog so that I don't leave a 9 page post on your comments page! Here is wishing for more rain for us!