You know you've thrown a good party when, after the last guest has left, your daughter turns to you and says, "Can we do that all over again?"

Mostly, there was a newly-6-year-old little girl having a good time, and a mom who was very proud of the way she was taking turns, and making sure her friends were having fun, and saying not just "Thank you" but "What a nice present you gave me!" There were memories of this little girl being born, of the way she was so quiet and alert and interested in everything in the delivery room, and more memories of birthdays past: A one-year-old holding up one cake-smeared finger on her first birthday; a two-year-old hugging a pink plush pig; a three-year-old in pigtails demanding a Dragon Tales cake; a four-year-old dressed up like a princess; a five-year-old shouting, "I'm FIVE!" the minute she woke up. Now she's six, and she's one-third of the way grown up, and I've loved every minute of it -- 3,153,600 minutes, to be exact, as of 7:28 p.m. December 2.

Her best present, incidentally, was her American Girl baby doll, from Grandmom and her aunts:

Phoebe likes it too, which is unfortunate, because Mallory's not sharing. Phoebe will therefore pick up another doll, regard it for a moment, then throw it down and say, "I don't like this doll! She's not pretty." I think it is a good thing after all that Santa is bringing a new doll for Phoebe...

(I will probably take most of these pictures down tomorrow because I don't know if the parents of the other girls would want them posted...so take a good look while you can!)


Anonymous said...

What cute pictures! It looks like it was a very fun party. How neat for Mallory. And I'm so glad that she loved her new baby.


aimee said...

Aww, you did such a great job!! Pat your back!! I am so glad she liked her doll and so glad we didn't try to talk her into something else. Hmm, maybe we should give the same one to Phoebe for her birthday? :)

Thanks for sharing the pics. I have been checking back often for an update!