Out of pocket

I've always liked that expression and never had the opportunity to use it, so there it is. I will be away, gone, no access to internet (unless I take advantage of the hotel wi-fi) for about a week. Tomorrow through Sunday, Chris and I will be in Charlotte (comic convention for him, reading/shopping/napping for me); Monday through Wednesday all of us are going to Atlantic Beach, NC (yearbook workshop with high school kids for Chris, lots of swimming and sand castle building for me and the kids and I do hope Chris can join us for a bunch of that). So, although I am quite sure that checking my blog is the highlight of everyone's day -- there won't be anything new here for a while. See you on the flip side (something else I've always wanted to say).


Anonymous said...

Well, there you go. You got to use both expressions in the same piece of writing! Have a great time both without and with kids.


J&H Noble said...

Have fun, enjoy your time away from your everyday life, and don't get sunburned! :)

Abbey said...

Actually, checking your blog is pretty high on my list these days!!! Have a great vacation and make some great memories.