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Stealing a page

Last week, Aimee posted some of my nephew's journal entries from his 1st-grade year. Mallory brought home her journals on Thursday; I hadn't even known that they kept journals, so this was a nice surprise. She handed me the one from September and said, "Look at how sloppy my handwriting was! What was I thinking when I was five?" Her class only did journal entries on Mondays, so generally Mallory just recounted her weekend adventures. Here are some of my favorites:

January 22: I wet to pla en the snow. I mad a sno ajul and I at sum snow and I cam inssid to haf sum hit jiclit. (I went to play in the snow. I made a snow angel and I ate some snow and I came inside to have some hot chocolate.)

February 25: I'm haveg a dol prdy. Im geteg a pupy. (I'm having a doll party. I'm getting a puppy. We did not get a puppy in February, by the way.)

March 31: I wint to the hotel to swem. I went to the bech to find seshels. I went to the acwreeim. (aquarium)

April 7: I wete to see hotin hesaho. I winte to go to my gramas hous. I winte to the pets stor to bie to feshes. (I went to see Horton Hears a Who. I went to go to my Grandma's house. I went to the pet store to buy two fishes. Also a lie about the fish, by the way.)

April 21: I sawe a pink ranbow.

May 28: I wint to ride on a horse. I wint to my thrinds hous. I wint to the bousee house. (I went to ride a horse -- you guessed it, also a lie. I went to my friend's house. I went to the bouncy house.)

About the "thrind" -- Mallory had, until recently, still been pronouncing three and Thursday as "free" and "firsday." She makes great pains to pronounce her "th"s correctly now; however, now first and friend have become thirst and thrind. Someday she'll get it all right. And I'll be a little bit sad when she does.


aimee said…
So cute! That is amazing that she wrote so much! In Kindergarten!! I like that she is so imaginative! ;)
Anonymous said…
It is amazing that she wrote so much! And if you hadn't translated, I probably could have figured out most of them.

J&H Noble said…
I especially like the 'hit jiclit'. I of course knew what she meant, seeing as how that is my very favorite beverage. :)

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