First Day of First Grade

Snippets of conversation as we embarked on our new school year:

Me: Phoebe, it's time to get up now.

Phoebe (as she opens her eyes): Yes, but I need to wear my Tinkerbell underwear and my polka dot skirt today.


Mallory: Are we going to have a party with presents for me after school today, to celebrate being in thirst grade?

Me: No.

Mallory: Well, Mommy, do you know who made school? God. And do you know who made me? God. So don't you think God would want me to have presents?

Me: No.


Me: Phoebe, do you want butter on your waffle?

Phoebe: What, Mommy?

Me: Do you want butter on your waffle?

Phoebe: Yes, but you're not Mommy, actually, you're my Grannie.

Me: Okay. Do you want butter on your waffle?

Phoebe: Yes, but I'm not Phoebe, I'm Baby Violet.

Me: Baby Violet, do you want butter on your waffle?

Baby Violet: No.


Mallory: Oh geez, I just got sneeze on my uniform.

Baby Violet: Bless you!


Mallory: Phoebe, don't you wish you could come to school with me?

Me: Mallory, hush!

Phoebe: Yes, but I'm Baby Violet.

Mallory: Baby Violet, don't you wish you could come to school with me?

Me: Mallory!

BV: Yes, I want to go too!

Mallory: Sorry, you can't.

BV: Waah!

Me: Just get in the car already.


Mallory: Are we late?

Me: No, we're right on time.

Mallory: Won't my teacher be proud of me for not being late!

Me: Only if we continue the trend.


And...pictures! Here is Mallory at her locker. She has to share her locker with another child. I hope she has a better experience than I did. Phoebe was not supposed to be in this shot, by the way. Figures the one time I get her to smile for me is in a picture that is not about her.

And, just for comparison, here she is on her first day of Kindergarten:

and here she is today:

That's the exact same uniform...you think she's grown any? Look at her shoulder in relation to the doorknob. Wow. I don't know why she seems to be unable to stand up straight for a photograph. I acknowledge, by the way, the rather unkempt appearance of her hair. She is determined to grow her hair out to be just like Hannah Montana's. In the interim, she refuses to use any kind of containment device (headband, barrette). We're going to have to have a serious hair discussion soon.

Oh, and yes, Mallory has persisted in saying "first" with a th- sound -- thirst grade. I suppose my goal for this year of school is for her to learn how to say it correctly.


Anonymous said...

Wow! She not only has grown in height, her face looks more mature.


aimee said...

She has gotten so much taller! I am glad her uniform still fits.

Phoebe cracks me up.