The Pheebs

When Phoebe was a few days old, Mallory introduced her to someone by saying, "This is my baby sister. Her name is Phoebe, but we call her 'The Pheebs'." That wasn't strictly true, by the way, and it has nothing to do with anything I'm about to relate, it's just a random funny memory. Ha! Ha!

So, Phoebe at preschool. Here she is before we left. Note the jewels:

She was happy enough when we got there; she dove right into setting up a tea party for the baby dolls. However, this was her expression whenever her teacher or another child addressed her:

The only word she spoke the whole time was "no." Miss K, the assistant teacher, asked if Phoebe would like to draw a picture. "No." Then Miss K asked if she had brothers or sisters. "No," said Phoebe. Miss B, who overheard, said, "Phoebe, I think you do have a sister. She was in my class a few years ago. Her name is Mallory." Phoebe said, "No." So, um, good luck to Miss K and Miss B!

I think she'll be okay. She's a tough little thing and she can handle herself fine. I just hope that eventually she opens up and lets everyone see her true self...

...because underneath that shell, The Pheebs is a pretty cool little kid.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she is not going to be a teacher pleaser!?


aimee said...

My friend once described her kids as either a cat or a dog. Her son was a cat: He only wanted attention and love from certain people and everyone else he could take or leave. He is very loving and sweet, but he won't let just anybody into his circle.

It is very interesting. Both my kids are dogs, in that way of thinking.

I think Phoebe is a cat. Which is just fine, btw.