Birthday Notes

Mallory made me two cards for my birthday. One said: "You are the Queen of Mommies!" The second one said: "Happy Birthday! You get to be mine and Phoebe's survint!" I'm not exactly sure what she had in mind with that last bit, and the exclamation point made me particularly nervous, but I have to admit that she nailed it. Being a mother is a strange mix of being both a queen and a slave.

Both girls went to the Dollar Store to buy me something special. When I came home from work, Phoebe was in such a hurry for me to see what she got me -- a porcelain trinket box in the shape of heart -- that she tried to unwrap it herself, and it fell to the floor and shattered. Her heart was similarly broken; she cried and cried. Poor girl. (Chris and Amy made an emergency trip back to the Dollar Store to get another one. It's a good thing it was, in fact, only a dollar.)

Mallory later commented that adults don't have very fun birthdays. I agreed. Later I thought -- but it's okay, because I already have everything I want.


aimee said...

On my birthday, I had a cake and ice cream party--with 8 kids from the neighborhood all at my house, including my own. Whoopee.

So I agree with Mallory. But I also agree with you.

intelligence said...