A Conversation

Phoebe: Mommy, will you still be my mommy when I'm all grown up?

Me: Yes, I'll always be your mommy.

Phoebe: And you can take care of my kids when I go to work!

Me: We'll see about that one. What kind of work do you think you'll be doing?

Phoebe: I'm going to have THREE kids!

Mallory: When you have kids, is it hard to decide what to name them?

Me: It can be, if you and your husband don't agree.

Mallory: Did you and Daddy agree?

Me: We compromised. I wanted to name you Briony --

Mallory: Yuck!

Chris: See!

Me: -- and Daddy wanted to name you Abigail.

Phoebe: What about me?

Me: I wanted to name you Emmeline, and Daddy wanted to name you Trixie.

Phoebe: My kids are going to be named Abby, Isabel and...and...Yak.

Me: Yak?

Phoebe: Maybe I'll just have two kids.

Mallory: Trixie? Then she'd be like Trix yogurt.

Me: Exactly.

Mallory: I really wish I could win the Trix yogurt money. See? It says you could win a million dollars if you get the lucky cup.

Me: Actually, it's ten thousand dollars, and you're never going to get the lucky cup.

Mallory: Why not?

Me: [reading package] Because the odds of winning are one in fifty-one million.

Mallory: What does that mean?

Chris: That means you're more likely to be struck by lightning that to win that money.

Me: It means that there are fifty-one million cups of Trix yogurt, and only one of them is the lucky cup.

Mallory: Whoa.


Mallory: How does the yogurt know that you were struck by lightning?

Me: What?

Mallory: Daddy said--

Chris: No, I didn't meant that you get struck by lightning and then you automatically win the money. It was just a comparison.

Mallory: Oh. Anyway, last year at art camp --

Chris: The art camp you attended for one day and dropped out of --

Mallory: Yeah, well, that one day, you gave me yogurt for my snack, and the lid said that I won the money. But I threw it away because I was confused.

Me: Huh. Really?

Mallory: Sorry about that, but I was only six.

Me: Well, I wish you would've kept it, because then you could've paid me back for the art camp that you refused to go to for the rest of the week.

Mallory: Or, I could've built a carnival in our backyard.


aimee said...

That is hilarious. Yak. Ha! Carnival in the backyard!! Hee!

So good.

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to have a great-grandchild named Yak!


H Noble said...

I am rolling! Love the kids and the way their minds work. :)