Easter Bunny Notes

The night before Easter, Mallory asked if she should have written a note to the Easter Bunny, telling him what she wanted. I told her no, that the Bunny only brought a few treats anyway, not like Santa Claus. She said it was best to be surprised. Then she added, "But just in case you're listening, Easter Bunny? I'd like a Penguin Webkinz."

The night before Easter is also when I went out to buy Cadbury Creme Eggs for Mallory, since she loves them. It did not occur to me that every store in town might be sold out of Cadbury Creme Eggs. Luckily, Mallory seemed to enjoy the store bought "marshmallow nougat caramel eggs" just fine. Blargh. Thanks, Easter Bunny, bock bock!

Mallory ended up writing a note anyway, to thank the Easter Bunny for stopping by. It began: "Dear The Easter Bunny," which is one of those things that your kids do that is just so cute it kills you.

If you let your children eat a piece of Easter candy from their basket before breakfast on Easter Sunday, they will ask to eat a piece of Easter candy from their basket before breakfast the day after Easter, too. Just a warning.

Phoebe was delighted with everything in her basket, and with the egg hunt later that day. She is remarkably easy to please, mostly.

Pictures tomorrow, if my computer and camera will cooperate.