Ho Ho Ho

Mallory and Phoebe went to Auntie Mimi's office yesterday to visit Santa.

Here is Phoebe doing her I'm-shy-head-tilt:

Here is Santa looking befuddled at what Mallory said she wanted for Christmas: Autographs from Rudolph, Vixen, and Dasher:

Here is Phoebe telling Santa that she wants an ephelant Webkinz (note to Santa -- she already has one):

Here they are all, looking jolly:

Thanks, Mimi!


aimee said...

When Rhett asked Santa for an Ipod, Santa said, "I can handle that." And I was like, "Uh, Santa, we need not to promise those big things without first looking at the parents!"

Your girls look so cute. I am so excited to see them!