Lemonade/Girl Scouts/Pottery Fest/Trees

We've had a busy week.

Last weekend, the girls begged us to let them set up a lemonade stand. They've asked before, and we've vetoed the idea, having visions in our minds of the girls sitting, dejected, in the hot sun, with a full pitcher of lemonade on the table and no ready customers. But I finally said yes because, well, I figured if the no-customer scenario came true, they would at least learn a valuable life lesson about disappointment and commerce and so forth. (Plus, Phoebe made the heartrending plea that "I've wanted a lemonade stand my whole life and it's not fair!")

As it happens, the girls sold 4 dozen cookies and 2 gallons of lemonade in about 45 minutes. They made $9 a piece (because I didn't have the heart to charge them for my own time and labor and the price of chocolate chips). Of course, it could be that the only thing worse than an unsuccessful lemonade stand is a successful lemonade stand, in that now they're going to want to try it again.

The girls also started Girl Scouts. Mallory is in her second year of Brownies, which is so old hat that I didn't even take a picture. Phoebe started Daisy Scouts:

Amy and I are now the leaders for both of their troops, which is a bit overwhelming. But our first two meetings went well, and the Daisies in particular were just sweet as can be, so I think it's going to be all right. (Deep breath and prayer to universe.)

This Saturday we went to Pottery Fest, a gathering of local potters. The children were allowed to make something out of clay:

If you can see the vendor in the background -- man, I could've bought every single one of her pieces and still not be satisfied. So many beautiful things. I exercised restraint, however.

The girls found a tree to climb:

It was lovely event and the weather was gorgeous. It was a day that made me so happy to be in North Carolina. (And made up for missing my 20-year reunion, held that same day.)


MomofK9s said...

WE CAN do this!!!! Look at it this way, it gets us out of having to do something else-like Indian Princesses or some such thing.

Karen said...

$18 in 45 minutes isn't bad!

aimee said...

Wow, you are going to be busy, but at least it is with your kids.

Sounds like a great weekend!!