Which witch?

Mallory has changed her mind and no longer wants to be a giraffe for Halloween. You can bet that I did not spend any amount of time trying to change her mind back.

Now she wants to be a witch. Phoebe is also going to be a witch, having inherited the witch costume that her Aunt Amy wore for many years as a child, and which was recovered from a box in my in-law's attic and which is still in pristine witchy condition.

I went to Target today to look at witch costumes for 8-year-old girls. I found a Sweetie Witch costume of inappropriately short length, and a Fairy Witch costume with purple sequins. I went to the Adult section and found a Spiderweb Witch costume and a Glitzy Witch costume which one would need a whole lot of cleavage to pull off. There were Twinkle Witches and Elegant Witches and Goth Witches and, yes, Sexy Witches too.

I just want, for my child, a long black dress, maybe a bit raggedy around the hems, with a plain black cape.

I guess I need to learn how to sew.


aimee said...

The Sexy witches get me every time. Seriously, one cannot go into a party store during Halloweet time with a child!

Sorry... here's what you do. Get a black robe (graduation or choir), cut off the hem raggedy style, find some ribbon for a belt (maybe fray the edges)and then find a vampire cape. Surely they have those still...I know I bought one for Rhett a few years back. You can decorate the robe with glittery paint. No sew.

Anyway, that is my idea. I have no idea where you would find a robe at this time of year, but maybe a black shirt and a long skirt would do?

I know you weren't asking for ideas but there you go.

Karen said...

Aimee, that sounds perfect. I can't believe that it is so hard to find a "real" witch's costume!

Chris said...

Sorry, but Mallory doesn't even
WANT to be a "normal" witch, so you shouldn't even bother looking for a plain black costume. She wants to be a "Candy Corn Witch", something she made up. So you need orange and yellow clothing, with maybe white.