From the mouth of Phoebes

We saw a Little Person in Walgreen's the other day, which meant I spent a few bad moments, while looking for the children's ibuprofen, hoping my children weren't staring too baldly and that they wouldn't say anything too loudly. Fortunately they were polite; it was only last night that Phoebe remembered, and said: "Hey Mommy, I saw an Orf the other day, and she looked like a grandma Orf!"

Later, she said, "How come that lady was so short?"

"God makes people in all shapes and sizes," I said. "Small, tall, skinny, fat..."

"And triangle too!" she said.


Phoebe challenged me to a staring contest. "I'm staring...I'm staring...I'm staring...oops, you blunk!" she said.


"How do you spell thur?" she asked, crayon in hand.

"Thur?" I said. "What's a thur?"

"You know, thur," she said. "Like...thur is not going to be a tornado today."


"Do you know about yish?" she asked.

"Yish?" Chris said. "What's that?"

"We learned about it in music class," she said. "You know." She did a twirl. "The music starts...and then you yish!"


If anyone can think of a restaurant logo with three mice, possibly blind, with whiskers, and maybe wearing chef's hats, please let me know. Phoebe swears that we ate at a place with these mice on the sign but none of us can figure out what she means. It's bugging her a lot.


aimee said...

Thur is going to be a lot of laughing at this post. :)

Only mouse I can think of is Chucky Cheese.

Karen said...

That is hilarious. Phoebe is really funny!