Weekly Update

Last night Phoebe asked me to help find her doll Amanda. “Which one is Amanda?” I asked, because there are twenty million baby dolls in my household and I can’t keep track of which one is Amanda and which one is Chelsea and which one is Megan and which one is Jaquinta.

Phoebe sighed. “Mommy. You should know this by now. Amanda is the one whose favorite color is purple. She likes me to sing to her, and she likes baby food, and her name is Amanda.”

Needless to say, this information was not very helpful in locating Amanda.


Mallory has been taking her times tables tests; for months she was stuck on her 3’s. Last month she finally passed her 4’s and 5’s. Last Friday she passed 6’s; this Monday, 7’s; Wednesday, 8’s; yesterday she knocked out 9, 10, and 11 in one fell swoop. Go Mallory!


I was just named Employee of the Month for, as my nominator put it, remaining ever-pleasant while focusing on creating a high quality product that was deployed on time. This is actually the second time I’ve been so honored. I got a trophy full of chocolate, a prime parking space, and some cold hard cash. Go me!


A few days ago Mallory said, “Today at school we learned that someday the world is going to run out of oil.”

“Yes, that’s probably true,” I said.

“I can’t wait,” she said. “That means no school!”

That’s my girl, always looking on the bright side.


This morning I dropped the girls off at school; I walked them over to my father-in-law’s car (he sits with them for 10 minutes until the doors open), then went back to my car, only to find it surrounded on both sides by two of those huge extended vans. What the? I wondered. I had to squeeeeeeze by to get to my car door, and then was barely able to open it without hitting the van to that side of me. Then I could barely see to pull out of the parking space. Who are these people in these huge vans, and why are they here? I fumed to myself. Then, as I was pulling away, I glanced over and saw a bunch of monks piling out of the vans – robed, bearded, mostly barefoot. My annoyance vanished, because really, that’s a sight you don’t see every day, and anyway how can you be mad at monks?

(I think they’re technically Franciscan brothers, not monks, but monks makes the story better.)


aimee said...

Monks does make for a better story. :)

Great update. I will have to tell Seth about the positives of running out of oil. He'll get a kick out of that one!

Karen said...

Well, congratulations to both you and Mallory. And, I can't believe that you didn't know which doll is Amanda. What kind of grandmother are you?

That is funny about running out of oil. However, I don't think it is going to happen before she gets out of school.