The graduate

Phoebe graduated from Kindergarten yesterday. I'm not totally convinced that such rituals are completely necessary, but it was very cute.

They sang songs, and now I'm going to make Aimee cry by telling you about them. They sang the "Days of the Week" song to the tune of "The Addams Family":

Days of the week (snap, snap) x 3
There's Sunday and there's Monday
There's Tuesday and there's Wednesday
There's Thursday and there's Friday
and then there's Saturday
Days of the week (snap, snap) x 3

They sang "Kindergarten" to the tune of "Love and Marriage":

Kindergarten, Kindergarten
Now we're almost through with Kindergarten
Our teachers wish we could stay
But now we're moving up to first grade!

And because it's a Catholic school, they sang about Jesus, with a song that I find both corny and clever. See if you can guess the tune (hint: look at the first word of each line):

Don't you know that Jesus died?
Raised again in three short days
Me, the one for whom He died
Far, my sins He took away.
So, I love Him evermore
Love, I've never known before
T, the shape of Calvary
Don't you know he died for me

As their teacher called them forward for their diplomas, she announced what each child wanted to be when they grew up (boys: mostly race car drivers; girls: mostly veterinarians). When she got to Phoebe (about a minute after the memory card on our video camera filled up), she said: "No doubt inspired by the positive role models in her own life, Phoebe K___ is our future mommy." A collective "Awww" went through the room.

Here's Phoebe with her teacher, whom I wish I could clone so Phoebe could have her every year. She was awesome. In fact, Phoebe's last bit of homework was to write two sentences about what she liked best about kindergarten, and she wrote: "I love Mrs S___ and Mrs G___ (the teacher's aide)."

Phoebe can now read and count by twos AND by fives. She can count money and knows about time zones (and is always asking me, "Mommy, what time is it in England?"). She's a smart cookie and now she's done with Kindergarten. Sniff.


Karen said...

Love how the caps match the uniforms! Was that planned?

It's hard to believe that she will be in first grade. Time is moving too quickly!

Chris said...

It was all pretty darn adorable. Sniff indeed.

aimee said...

That song was clever!!! And I didn't cry, until I read that Phoebe wanted to be a future mommy. That was adorable.

Congrats Phoebe!