Early Tuesday morning I found Mallory on her bathroom floor, soaked with sweat. “?” I said, and she said, “I don’t feel good, and it’s just easier not to go back to bed.”

She did not go to school on Tuesday, but this morning she looked less peaked so I told her that she needed to go today. She said she still felt bad. I said I thought she’d be fine. “You don’t know everything, you know,” she said. “You’re not God.”

“No, but I’m your mother, so I know more than you,” I retorted.

Before lunch, the school secretary called and said that Mallory had a fever. Apparently strep throat has stricken the fourth grade. I feel kind of bad about sending her to school this morning. But then again – I think I would rather her teacher think that I’m a mom who errs on the side of sending the kid to school than a mom who keeps the kid home just in case.

This would be a good strategy, if I’d only known as much as God does.


Karen said...

That's no fun! Hope she feels better soon.

aimee said...

Mom would have sent us to school too. :) i myself have learned my lesson about keeping my child home bc he doesn't feel well, only to feel like a fool later when he is perfectly fine. So I think you did right thing, although I doubt Mallory will ever let you live it down. ;) hope she feels better!

Chris said...

Next time if it happens just tell Mallory that if she hadn't faked sick so many times LAST year, we'd be more apt to believe her now!