First Day of Shool!*


A first grader, a fourth grader. Another summer gone, another year ahead. When questioned, Phoebe said her first day was "Good," and Mallory said hers was "Bad, because I hate school." So there you are.

Phoebe is supposed to read aloud for 15 minutes each night. Last night she chose her favorite book, which is, alas, Spongebob and the Princess. I’m not above laughing at Spongebob the TV show every now and then, but the whimsy doesn’t translate well into books.

I also thought the book might be too hard for Phoebe, but I was mostly wrong. She read words like “gloomily” and “understand” and “delivery” with no problem. And when she got to a word she didn’t know…well, for the first few pages, she would just kind of make a confused noise: “Spongebob walked through the door and …bishbesh?” And I would say: “busily,” and she would continue. As we went on, though (and as she gained additional audience members, namely Chris and Mallory), she became more inventive:

“I need to count me money,” Mr Krabs…squibbered? (whispered)

“I don’t believe you!” Squidward circled (cried)

“You mean the princess isn’t coming?” Spongebob squivered (shrieked)

And my favorite: “Very own trumpets!” (Everyone turned)

It was very amusing. I don’t mind this kind of homework at all.


aimee said...

That is cute. I hope Mallory has a better day today!

Karen said...

It's hard to belief that a child of yours and a grandchild of mine hates school! Hope she had a better day.

I remember you reading your book five times every night!