Last night Mallory asked me to carry her. "Carry you?" I said. "I haven't been able to carry you for many years."

"But you said you always would, no matter what," she said.

"When did I say that?"

"On your blog," she said.

I guess she read this. Which, in spite of its schmaltziness, is one of my favorite posts. I can't believe that was 5 years ago. I can't believe that Phoebe is older now that Mallory was then. I can't believe that I thought five was old. I can't believe I didn't factor 4th grade social studies into the equation.

She's ten, my beautiful, goofy, kind-hearted, generous, bright and funny little girl. If I'm a bit sad today that she's growing up so fast, I'm consoled by the fact that I'm the one who gets to be there with her while she does.

Happy Birthday!


Karen said...

It's hard to believe that she is 10 years old. The next 10 years will pass faster than the first 10! Happy Birthday to my oldest granddaughter.

aimee said...

Aww that was sweet. Happy Birthday Mallory.