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Hopelessly De-Boated to You

Mallory has become re-obssesed with the movie Grease. For the past week or so, we’ve been watching Grease once a day, we’ve been listening to Grease music in the car, we’ve been dancing to "Summer Lovin’" before bedtime, we’ve been re-enacting scenes with her Barbie dolls. And when Mallory gets really angry with us, or with Phoebe, she’ll shout the words that Sandy shouted at Danny: “You’re a fake and a phony and I wish I’d never laid eyes on you!” (Except it actually comes out, “You’re a fake and a forner and I wish I never had ice by you!”)

On a totally related note, Mallory has found a new boyfriend. When we entered her classroom on Monday morning, she clamped her hand over her mouth and started giggling like mad. “What’s up?” I asked, and she pointed to a boy standing by the blocks. “That’s Skyler! That’s my boyfriend!” she said, and resumed giggling. Her teacher overhead and commented, “Skyler’s not a bad choice!”

Mallory gives me regular updates on the progress of their relationship. “Guess what Mommy?” she said yesterday. “In circle time, when Miss Suzanne isn’t watching, I put my head on Skyler’s shoulder! Because he’s my boyfriend.” This morning she said, “You know in Grease when Sandy and Danny hug like this?” and wrapped her arms around herself. “That’s what me and Skyler do.” On the way to school she was singing “You’re the One that I Want,” and would occasionally interject, “That’s Skyler singing to me, not Danny singing to Sandy,” or “Now I’m singing that part to Skyler.”

I would be a little concerned about her level of involvement with Skyler, except for the fact that I was a volunteer at school yesterday and at no point during the time I was there did Mallory and Skyler actually interact.

And speaking of wishful thinking…the other night at dinner, Phoebe pointed to my glass and said, “Coffee!”

“No, that’s not coffee,” I said. “Who does drink coffee?”

“Papa!” she said, meaning her grandpa.

“That’s right. And what does Mama drink?”

“Tea!” she said.

“Yes! And what does Mallory drink?”


In point of fact, Mallory prefers “pecial milk” (soy milk, which is much more special than cow’s milk apparently) to juice, but I let her have that one. “And what does Phoebe drink?”

Phoebe pointed to her daddy’s glass of Coke. “That!”


H Noble said…
Love the conversations!

I'm with Phoebe on this one- Coke is my diet downfall.
aimee said…
Mallory is hilarious! Are y'all watching Grease: You're the one that I want on NBC? She'd totally dig it. And she could pick the Danny and Sandy she liked best. Like you need any more Grease in your life!

Oh and I forgot to tell you--I am a little shocked that Granny would make a KKK quilt. I will be looking into what exactly one is.
Anonymous said…
Mallory certainly has an active imagination.

Aimee's comment about the quilt reminded me that I was going to tell you that the people of the underground railroad used quilts to pass messages to escaping slaves. It is really very interesting, but I wonder if Granny was thinking about that and got confused. I can't imagine her making a KKK quilt, especially during the time that she was writing her diaries.


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