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Last night I read the chapter in David Sedaris’s Me Talk Pretty Some Day about Sedaris’s brother, Paul. It’s really, really funny; his brother refers to himself as “The Rooster” and, well, this is a family website so I can’t repeat what he says cannot happen to The Rooster. Just take my word for it, it’s funny. Anyway, the Sedaris family is from Raleigh and the author mentioned that his brother is the only one of his siblings to remain here, and that he runs a flooring business.

This morning on my way to work I passed a van painted with the words, “Sedaris Hardwood Floors.”

Right before Christmas I took the kids to the library. We hadn’t been for a couple of months and I was surprised to see that the nice swath of pine forest that originally surrounded the library had been cut down. “Oh man!” I exclaimed in disgust. Mallory wanted to know what was wrong and I pointed out the clearcutting and said that soon we’ll have to just call our town “Wake” instead of “Wake Forest” because all the trees will be gone. Then the two of us said “Oh man!” a few more times and Mallory later relayed the story to Chris and her grandparents.

For the past three days, as I’ve driven the kids to school, Phoebe has said, “Oh man!” as soon as I’ve turned onto a particular street. Today it occurred to me that she’s saying it just as we pass by yet another patch of land that’s been recently clear-cut of its trees.

Trying to lose weight may be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, with the possible exception of raising children and, uh, trigonometry. Oh, and sitting for my Master’s Exams wasn’t that easy either. It’s very frustrating. I like to eat. I like to eat things that are bad for me. I get kind of depressed when I realize that if I want to be thin, I’m going to have to eat foods that I don’t really like all that much, and not that much of them, for the rest of my life. I’m having a hard time staying motivated. Big sigh.


aimee said…
It is frustrating trying to eat healthy. Because what you really want is something that tastes good.

That is totally smart that Phoebe does that. Wow. And also so sad about the trees.

Cool about the van! Isn't timing funny?
Anonymous said…
Phoebe is really observant - and smart!

It's too bad that we aren't born automatically liking broccoli and stuff like that instead of chocolate and sugar! It is hard to eat smart.

H Noble said…
I'm right there with you on the food. I have lost 5 lbs (yea!) but it is a daily struggle and I have to continually remind myself why I am making the choices I'm making. Also, think that about 10 minutes after you've eaten, the taste is gone anyway, so if you make poor choices, its just a short-term victory followed by long-term regret.

Come on Krista, psych yourself up!

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