The Kind of Week It's Been

Me: Why did we have children?

Chris: Because we were stupid.

Chris and I have both been sick with colds. Mallory had "Sports Camp" all week, which she loved, but which absolutely wiped her out so she was tired and cranky every evening. Plus I had to get her up, breakfasted, and out the door on a schedule every morning after a whole summer of lazy mornings. (We were only late once! But when school starts we'll have to be out the door a whole hour earlier and being late is not an option. Sigh.) And Phoebe has been taking very late naps, despite everyone's best efforts to get her down earlier, and thus not going to bed until 11:00. And did I mention Chris and I are sick? I just want to curl up under my desk and take a nap.

Mallory, Phoebe and I took care of our neighbor's pets while they were on vacation. They have a guinea pig, a rabbit, and a cat. The girls were very excited about petsitting; they especially loved giving carrots to the rabbit and guinea pig. (Phoebe would kneel down beside the cage and croon, "Hello budgy-wudgy, cute little budgy-wudgy!") They also really like the cat, but the cat does not like little girls and would run and hide as soon as we entered the house. Well, on Tuesday morning, Mallory and I fed the animals and then left for Sports Camp. We were about two blocks from home when Mallory said, "Mommy, can cats jump?"

"Yes, cats are good jumpers."

"Umm...can cats get out of...traps?"

"Mallory, what did you do?"

She never confessed exactly, but apparently she tried, somehow, to "trap" poor Randall. I had to call Chris and ask him to go check and make sure the cat was okay. (He was. Apparently cats can get out of traps.) And I delivered a long lecture about responsibility and kindness to animals and so forth. Whether it sunk in I do not know.

Last night Mallory shoved a doll up her shirt and announced she was having a baby. I said that was nice, but that it was time for dinner. We sat. A few minutes later she asked for a new fork because hers was somehow contaminated. I said, "If you would like a new fork, you can get up and fetch it yourself." She said, "Hello, I'm having a baby here!"

Mallory starts kindergarten in two weeks. Yikes. I am trying to think of a way to adjust my work schedule. I can't get to work any earlier than 9 once school starts due to drop-off time; I have to work 7.5 hours each day, so if I don't take lunch I can leave at 4:30. That gets me home around 5:15. I hate getting home that late; there's no time for grocery shopping or going to the library or anything like that. (What I'd love to do is join the YMCA and take the kids there a couple of days a week; right now there's just no time.) And I don't think that Mallory's going to have homework this year, but if she does, when is that going to get done? I'm wondering if I should try leaving early a few days a week -- say, by 3:45 on Mon, Tues, and Wed. Of course, then I'd have to stay til 5 or 5:30 Thursday and Friday. I'm wondering if it would be worth it. Sigh. It's very hard when your work interferes with your life.

It's tax-free weekend! Must go shopping!

This made me laugh:

The devil flames really get to me. Of course 99 is hot, but it's not hellaciously hotter than 97. Now if the temperature were to jump up to 115 or something, that would be something. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm doped up on Sudafed. The end.


aimee said...

It is tax-free weekend here too! Fun!

Sorry you have a cold. Sorry for Chris too.

That does kind of suck about work. Too bad there is not a before school care for Mallory.

J&H Noble said...

Our tax free weekend isn't for two more weeks, and we'll be out of the country. Oh, well...

Hope you figure out the work/school timing issues. I'm not looking forward to that kind of juggling.