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My Favorites

Lately, Phoebe has a lot of favorite things. "Read this book, Mommy," she'll say, "it's my fave-wit." Tomatoes are also her favorite, as are grapes and yogurt. Her blue shirt is her favorite until she changes into a pink one. Her little puppy pink one is her most favorite of all. ("Where my puppy pink one? It's my fave-wit.") Here are a few of my favorite things about the last few days.

Mallory and I made this together:

It's to display all her school papers and artwork. She painted most of it; I helped a bit and glued on the clothespins. I may choose the new colors for our kitchen around it, as the only good place to hang it up is on the kitchen wall.

(I was going to just let you wonder about the fortune cookies, but I'll go ahead and add that the cookies were entirely Mallory's idea. And when Phoebe does anything particularly pleasing Mallory will say, "You can go get a fortune cookie off the board!" Although once she got one just because it was August. My girl. Always thinking outside the box. Or about cookies.)

I am also loving our new lunch boxes:

I want to pack an interesting, nutritious lunch for Mallory each day without using any plastic bags. I have a bunch of containers but I'm always losing the lids, plus I can't always get them arranged to my satisfaction. This lunchbox solves these problems. It comes with these four containers (plus a wee one for dressing or dips) and it all closes up and fits into this:

...which also has space for a water bottle and an ice pack. This was her first-day lunch -- a ham sandwich, strawberries, carrots, and part of a 100-calorie pack of Oreos. Today she had a pb&j, watermelon, popcorn, and carrots. The parent handbook states that all lunches will be "evaluated for nutritional value" so I hope I'm passing the test. I'd hate for the nuns to come after me. (Joke. Mallory is going to a Catholic school but there are no nuns. In fact her teacher is Baptist.) I bought one of these cool lunch boxes for myself too, in fact. It makes packing lunch fun! (Actually it doesn't really. It's been three days and I'm already sick of packing lunch. Oh well.)

In other news, we had Phoebe's picture taken and she actually smiled! Here's proof:

Sorry for the quality; my scanner is on the fritz so I had to take pictures of the pictures. But they're pretty cute, aren't they? She was having a fabulous time. I have lots of funny Phoebe stories to share. Perhaps tomorrow.

Here's something not on the favorite list:

If you're looking for a nice sturdy shade tree, do not choose the Bradford pear.

Mallory has a new favorite:

She is recently obsessed with the Nickelodeon show "Drake and Josh." Drake, one of the stars (all three of whose pictures she cut out of a magazine and GLUED to the door, as you can see), is her new boyfriend. The Drake obsession is rivaled in intensity by the Grease obsession of '05. Sometimes I wish she would become obsessed with multiplication tables, or state capitals, or putting things away.

Oh, and baby wipes are Phoebe's fave-wit.


MomofK9s said…
The fortune cookies are my "fave-wit"!
aimee said…
What happened to your pear tree?!?! I have seen several that have gotten huge branches knocked down from storms, but never that severe! Pear trees are everywhere here, and incidently, we have one in our front yard. Hmm.

Love your lunch box. I, too, am trying to pack Rhett's lunch without using plastic bags. His is a spongebob so it is not as roomy as yours though. And packing lunch is a pain. Now I know why mom always made us pack our own...
Anonymous said…
Yes, Krista, when you were in kindergarten, you packed your own lunch because Aimee and Casey were brand new. However, no one was evaluating the lunches for nutritional value either.

Phoebe's pictures are really cute. Yay!

And, what happened to your pear tree?


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