Maybe "Gifted" Wasn't Quite Right

Random memory: Once when I was nine or ten I glanced through a book of my mother's about gifted children, thinking that it was all about me. The book was, I think, just a resource guide to educational policies in different states. As I flipped through it, I kept seeing the word "adopted" -- I assume because the text discussed the adoption of certain programs or procedures by school districts.

But instead of reading to clarify the point, I just dropped the book and walked away, because I thought it meant that IF you were a gifted child, then you had to have been adopted. And I didn't want to know which one I was. Or wasn't, come to that.

I was a real genius, all right.

PS In the alphabet book we were reading last week, U was for Uakari (a Brazilian monkey) and Z was for Zorilla (an African skunk). So yeah, the author was just mean.


Anonymous said...

Well, you aren't adopted, so now you can assume that you are gifted! I have sold three of your books this week, and one other person wants one but said that she could order it herself.

What kind of animal did the author use for Q?


J&H Noble said...

That is a strange book! Sounds more like a study guide for Jeopardy! to me! :)

aimee said...

Ha Ha! That is pretty darn funny.