I signed Phoebe up for preschool today. Phoebe! Preschool! Impossible! And yet it's not, she'll start in the fall. If, that is, she's potty-trained. So far she's been pretty adamant about NOT using the potty and NOT wearing underwear and NOT being a big girl. Luckily, we have seven months to work on that.

Other parents in my community camped out last night to ensure that their children would get preschool slot for the fall. For the record, it was 19 degrees here last night. Also for the record, these parents are crazy. And also, too many people are moving to my community. Go away, we're full!

Mallory's tooth was so loose last night that she was swiveling it around with her tongue. We suggested that she pull it so that she didn't swallow it during the night, and she commenced screaming and thrashing because it would hurt, it would hurt so badly! Amidst all the screaming the tooth fell out unassisted. Whew. So now she's adorably gap-toothed. And a dollar richer.


aimee said...

I can't believe Phoebe is old enough for pre-school either. And what is with the parents camping out?!?