After I turned 30, I started having trouble remembering how old I was, because really, once you're 30, who cares anymore? And all this year, anytime I had to think about my exact age, I'd think -- "I'm 35, right? Am I? Oh my God, maybe I'm 36! No, I can't be 36, that seems so OLD! Let me do the math -- 1972, oh, good, I AM still 35."

The other night Mallory asked me how old I was going to be on my birthday. I almost said, "Thirty-seven," and then I freaked out, internally. Thirty-seven is so OLD! I can't possible by thirty-seven...oh wait, I'm not. I'm only going to be 36! What a relief!

The mind, it does play wonderful tricks.

So yes, I'll be 36. Tomorrow, and all year long. And as they say, the only thing worse than getting older is not getting older, so I'll take it.

Plus, there will be cake. And who doesn't like cake?


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great day. I will try to call in the morning in case you have big plans for later in the day.


aimee said...

Happy Birthday Krista!!! Have a great day!