How they get you

Last night my children would not go to sleep. They shrieked, they giggled, they flailed, they told knock-knock jokes (badly), they whispered, they jumped around, but fall asleep they did not. After over an hour of unsuccessfully alternating between reprimanding, cajoling, threatening, and pleading, I stormed out of their bedroom and said, "I'm DONE! It's your turn!" to Chris.

Chris went in and sat down on Phoebe's bed. She looked up at him with her big blue eyes and said, "Mommy's really mad at me."

"She is?" Chris said.

"Yeah, and I'm really sad about it," she said.

After hearing this pathetic little exchange, guess who went back in the bedroom. Me, of course.

I'm such a sucker.


aimee said...

Oh yeah. They just know. Sneaky kids.