Get over it, people

My company, in a rare display of forward-thinking, set aside an empty office for the use of new mothers needing to pump for their babies -- in the past few months, I think five women have returned from maternity leave. The office is right next to my cubicle, and features a lock and a tasteful shower curtain across the interior window (so nobody can see in). Seeing all these moms go in with their pumps, several times a day, makes me not at all nostalgic for that phase of my life.

Anyway, at least once a day, it seems, someone will walk by the office, do a double take, and say, "What's with the shower curtain? Who's using that office?" And either I or my boss will reply, "Oh, that's the lactation room." And invariably, the person will say something like, "I'm sorry I asked!" or "Too much information!" or "You're kidding, right?" or "Yikes, I'm outta here!" (And then there was the person who said, "You mean...for puppies?" I'm not even sure what to think about that.)

It was funny maybe once. Now I am weary of the comments. I want to hang a sign like the ones you used to see at the airport security gates to deter jokes about highjacking. "Lactation Room. Comments Unwelcome." These women have to work, their babies need breastmilk. End of story, move along.

Yeah, I'm feeling a bit cranky today.


MomofK9s said...

I would be cranky too if my purse broke!

aimee said...

Def. hang the sign. I would get tired of having to answer that question.

Puppies? Seriously?

J&H Noble said...

Our Mother's Rooms have a sign next to the door, but they are also not right by someone's cube, so I'm sure that is frustrating. Hopefully when people get used to it, noone will even notice anymore.