When Phoebe Was Two

When Phoebe was two, she liked melon and cucumbers and French fries and Chex mix. . . .and not much else.

When Phoebe was two, she had a bit of a stutter. Sometimes it was a first-letter stutter, as in, “Are w-w-w-w-we going to have d-d-d-dinner soon?” Sometimes it started that way and then became a long, drawn out vowel-sound stutter: “Are w-w-w-eeee-eee going to have di-di-diiiiii-ner soon?” with every repetition becoming a little bit higher and squeakier. I guess I shouldn’t refer to a speech impediment as adorable, but I will anyway, especially because I’m 95% certain she’ll outgrow it soon.

When Phoebe was two, and Mallory called her “mean,” she would respond: “I’m not mean, I’m happy!”

When Phoebe was two, she’d pick up a hula hoop, hold it around her hips, and let it fall straight to the ground. Only when it hit the floor would she start to shimmy her hips.

When Phoebe was two, she was stubborn and strong-willed and prone to tantrums.

When Phoebe was two, she liked to sing. She’d stop if she realized someone was listening, but if you were very careful, you could overhear lyrics such as these: “Drink water for Jesus/And you won’t be sirsty/If you’re hungry, eat fruit snacks/And drink some more water.”

When Phoebe was two, she was a night owl and rarely went to bed before 11 o’clock. Every night we tried going to bed earlier, but after a few minutes of snuggling she would turn to me and say, “You’re my best mommy, Mommy! Let’s get up and go see my daddy!”

When Phoebe was two, she was very shy.

When Phoebe was two, she loved wearing fancy dresses. Sometimes she would change her clothes three or four times a day, just because. She also loved wearing her “jewels”, the more at one time, the better.

When Phoebe was two, she loved Max and Ruby, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy, Spongebob Squarepants, and Shrek. Her favorite toys were dolls of all sorts (baby, princess, Barbie), but she also liked Play-doh and crayons and items such as calculators on which she could do her “work.”

When Phoebe was two, she was delighted by the simplest things. “Are you wearing that blue shirt today, Mommy?” she’d ask excitedly, or, “Did you buy that dog food at the store?”

When Phoebe was two, she liked to go shopping for shoes.

When Phoebe was two, she was adorable, and we adored her. And we can’t wait to see what’ll happen now that she’s three.

(If you have a few minutes, you can take a look at this photobook, which is all about, you guessed it, when Phoebe was two.)


aimee said...

Happy Birthday Phoebe!! I hope all of you are having a great time with grandmom and granddad!!