Last Day Part I

Today was Phoebe's last day of preschool; Mallory still has two weeks of school to go, which of course she finds vastly unfair. "Will you be sad not to go to school anymore?" I asked Phoebe last week, and she said, "Of course not!" but I think she'll miss it, even if only secretly.

At their year-end program last night (pictures? I'd love to share, except that I have lost yet another camera), the preschool director told me, "Lots of kids blossom in their first year of school, but with Phoebe -- well, more than one butterfly came out of her cocoon," which is kind of a convoluted way of saying that Phoebe came way out of her shell in a big way. She started as the girl who wouldn't make eye contact with her teachers or say a single word to another child; now she makes jokes with the teachers, has lots of friends, and she sang the loudest in the show last night too. Plus, she can spell her name (or almost -- P H O B E), cut with scissors, and draw people with faces. Success!

And lest you think I'm bragging, or making it up, her teacher presented me with a 70-page document outlining every blessed thing Phoebe learned this year, from Objective 1.1 (Child enters classroom easily) to Objective 3.7 (Child grasps pencil correctly) to Objective 10.7 (Child can balance on one foot) -- with photographic evidence of every skill. No kidding. It's quite impressive. Or obsessive, as the case may be.

So, this chapter is over. We move on to summer, and then to another year of preschool, and then finally to kindergarten -- when she and Mallory will finally be on the same schedule and can be dropped off at the same school entrance! That's a day I'm really looking forward to.


Anonymous said...

Good for Phoebe! Can't wait to see what she learns next year.


Chris said...

When do they learn to tell people you're a serial killer?