What's on my mind

We have a compost bin and a rain barrel in the corner of our backyard, and I'm feeling good about how much good I'm doing for the environment. Except that the other night I saw a huge black snake lying between the compost bin and the rain barrel, and so that's it, I'm done, I'm never going in the backyard again.

Phoebe has made friends with several little girls in her preschool class, and it's sweet that she's outgrown her shyness. Now, however, she's asking me for playdates every seven minutes. Also, she's spending an inordinate amount of time talking about her birthday party, which is, she keeps telling us, "only two pages away" -- by which she means calendar pages, of course.

Huge swaths of North Carolina pine forests have been cut down in my little town, the better to build a new bypass. This makes me sad. On the other hand, the bypass, when finished, will pretty much begin at my neighborhood and end at my-inlaw's, so I'm glad they kept me and my annoyance with red lights in mind when they were planning it.

Mallory watched a few minutes of The Andy Griffith Show with Chris the other night; her comment was, "Why did they do this show in pencil?"

Phoebe reminded me last night that Jesus is the light of the world. Except she pronounced it like this: woy-yerld.


aimee said...

Those things made me smile. Except for the black snake and the pine trees being cut down. So I guess half those things made me smile. :)

Anonymous said...

I think that a large black snake would keep me in the house too!