Back to School

Mallory is in second grade:

...and is happy enough about it, I suppose:

Phoebe was excited to start preschool today:

...but not excited about taking a picture with her sister (a familiar theme, for long-time readers):

Mallory's big news on the first day of school was that a girl in her class broke her foot and had to use "crunches."

Phoebe walked right up to the new girls in her class and asked if they wanted to have a tea party with her. Last year, she didn't speak to anyone til about mid-December, so she's obviously made some progress.

Chris started school too! No pictures of him.

My life has not changed, except that now I have to make sure the backpacks and lunch boxes are ready in the morning.

And so it goes.


aimee said...

Yay for back to school! Right? It didn't take long for Noah to say "Do I have to go to school today?" :)