Something was missing

...with apologies to the author. My addition is in italics:

Along the aisle between the tables he walked, and he spotted the three Ma.lfoys, huddled together as though unsure whether or not they were supposed to be there, but nobody was paying them any attention. Harry hesitated, then walked straight over to Dra.co Mal.foy and held out the hawthorn wand. "Thanks, mate," he said.

Malf.oy's father drew in his breath, perhaps to protest, but Narc.issa put her hand on his arm and shook her head. Dr.aco stepped forward, looked Harry in the eye, nodded, and reclaimed his wand.

I know, if you haven't read the books you don't know what I'm going on about, but if you have read them -- wouldn't you agree? Shouldn't this be there? I've always thought so.

I saw HP6 last night. (Was okay. Probably the best one yet in terms of making the story make sense in spite of everything that had to be left out. But none of the kids seemed to do any magic at all. And not a mention of the fact that Harry had just lost his godfather. And...well, never mind.) Am now trying to decide whether or not to devote the next week of my life to rereading the series. Re-re-reading, that is. I shouldn't do it. But it's hard to resist. Which the author would allow the books to be kindle-ized. This may be my lamest blog post ever. My apologies to my readers.


aimee said...

I agree that should have definitely been a part of the book.

I loved the movie...except for the fact that they added parts that weren't a part of the book and left out things that should have been a part of the movie. They didn't use magic much did they? And so much lovey dovey--which was hilarious of course. But I agree there should have been more.

Anonymous said...

I agree also. I think that the movie was excellent in keeping the very complicated story line and set of characters moving toward the end. And the first time I saw it, I felt that it couldn't have been better. But after I saw it the second time, after a couple of days, I felt that there were several things that should have been added. There was no feeling of being in Hogwarts for one thing. The ghosts and talking pictures and that sort of thing were not present. I think that there were several things like that sacrificed in order to make the movie only two hours long. I don't mean that I didn't like the movie, because I did. But the things that were missing were glaring, especially the second time.