I ask you

This is my garden:

Or rather, this is the patch of soil that was my garden last summer. It produced millions of tomatoes, dozens of green peppers, a handful of cucumbers, and two puny watermelons.

I do not wish to repeat last summer's vegetable bounty, because most of said bounty went to waste.

Nor, however, do I want this patch of soil to remain brown and bare throughout the summer, because it's unattractive.

So, what do I plant here, in the shrubbery/flowery vein? Keep in mind that I do not have a green thumb. Also, I don't want to spend a lot of money. Also, this area is in full sun most of the day. And it's really hot. And sometimes we get rabbits.

Any advice?

To thank you in advance, I give you these goofy photos of my children and their homemade parfaits (which Mallory persisted in calling "specialinis").


MomofK9s said...

You could always plant black eyed susans or lantana. they back every year and just require water!

aimee said...

Coneflowers too. Lamb's ear is great, soft and rabbits would love it. Unless you don't want the rabbits to eat your plants?

Lantana is a great choice. It spreads.

I don't have a green thumb either btw.

Karen said...

Russian sage doesn't require much water and is very heat tolerant. Just get one or two though as they spread. You do have to trim them back in late winter but other than that, there is very little that they require.

aimee said...

Grasses! I love all the colored grasses. Or the wispy, feathery grasses that look so beautiful when the wind is blowing.

I have been thinking a lot about this...

H Noble said...

I'm a big fan of lantana too. Low maintenance, drought resistant, beautiful flowers, spreads well.